Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Weekend Finds and Getting the Porches Ready For Summer

I went to 2 church rummage sales over the weekend. Although I didn't get alot, I'm quite happy with what I did get. The price tag on the curtains said that they were card table cloths. I thought they were cute, so I grabbed them. When I got home, I realized they were curtains. They fit perfectly on the back door. I'm pretty excited about that wrinkle remover, 25 cents,because I've always wanted one. The little girl condiment holder is so cute, and made in Japan, 25 cents. The yellow pottery vase was 50 cents, the big tray 50 cents, four small trays 25 cents for all, pink plastic reamer 25 cents, fabric and plastic flowers 25 cents each.

This past weekend was so warm that I got the itch to start decorating the porches for summer. I know, it's only April, and it could still snow! I painted this bench white(it was blue, and I really should start taking BEFORE shots), and I made the cushion and pillows. It took a while, since my sewing machine is broke. So I sewed it all by hand! It still went pretty quickly though. The metal plant stands were rusty black, and the little shoeshine stool was brown. I can't wait to make a new cushion and pillows for the porch swing!


Sarah and Jack said...

That pottery is an awesome score.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself! I've been looking through your blog and I see that you are a treasure hunter, too! I have always been fascinated by the Sears catalogue homes. You are so lucky to live in one. Hope you have a fantastic day! Twyla

SugarPlumFairy said...

Wow, I'm really glad you found so much cool stuff at those sales! I remember you were saying that the pottery is hard to find, and the flowers too! Those curtains are cute but theyre going to take some getting used to.. we've NEVER changed those!
I really like the bench by the back door that looks really cute! did you just paint it? I remember it being red but maybe I'm crazy..
I'll be back to the cottage in a week! heehee ;)

katillacshack.com said...

Love the curtains Carol!