Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Projects and A New Collection

Gosh, does anybody else get a headache after trying to upload their pictures, in the right order? For the fifth time?! I hate how you have to upload them in backwards order of the way you want them shown. Can't they make it easier? Anyway, I goofed off ALL day Sunday! Did silly little things that weren't important, but had been driving me crazy, painted anything that stood still, and I had FUN! Do you remember this garage sale chair? It sure is cute, but I wanted to plant it. So I took the seat off, and that little back cushion,
and I found an old enamel basin in the shed, and I planted it! I wish I had waited 'til my neighbors went somewhere in their car to take this picture! Not attractive at all. Do you feel weird taking pictures of things in your yard? I do.

I bought this birdcage a couple weeks ago, and knew that I wanted it sitting on this table, somewhere in the garden, but the table is all rusty, so...

I spraypainted both! I hope you can tell that I painted the cage pink. I just threw a pack of flowers in there to see how they would look. How much do you want to bet that pack stays in there like that, and I don't put them in a pot? I'm a lazy gardener!

Next, this cabinet is so hard to open.

There is a key in each lock, and if I'm not careful the key will turn and lock the door and it's very hard to unlock it.

So I got some knobs from Hobby Lobby, half off, my drill and metal bit to drill through the locks, and

I like this so much better! Now if only I can talk my family into letting me paint this cabinet! I would love to paint it Wedgwood Green, or a pale yellow, or even chippy white. So far it's a no go. Is there something in your house that you want to change, but your family has talked you out of it?

I got this old pot at an estate sale, and I wasn't crazy about the color, so

I painted it! I was trying to make it look like a concrete pot. I saw some beautiful antique ones last week, but the cheapest was $40. It's ok, but definitely an improvement.

I see that I have messed up on the order of pictures here. Oh well, you will see the after before the before! I have a very tiny house, so I use this bin to hold my buckets for mopping the floors, and it also holds seasonal items from the porch. I added ball feet to raise it off the porch.

Well, here's the before shot. I got this bin for $2 a couple years ago.

Another before shot. This is what it looked like sitting on my porch for a couple years. I decided it needed a change.

And finally, the start of another collection. Just what I need! I had two cloches already, but I found another one today, so it's official. I have a cloche collection!

I was able to trap a fairy in this big one, made in Czechoslovakia.

And another one in the cloche I got today.

And I caught two in this one! This cloche was my first, and I was told that it is English. I don't understand what that green part is on it, but I like it anyway! Now if only I can find something really neat to make a chalkboard out of! I feel like I am the only person in the free world who hasn't made one! So that was my Sunday. I got nothing done that I was supposed to. My husband had to go to work today with mismatched socks, because I didn't do his laundry. I am bad. But I had fun.


Cindy said...

Your blog is so great today! I kept thinking, "that's me"! Yes, that backwards uploading deal stinks! I don't get it. I end up clicking and dragging. Sigh.
Also, OH yeah. I'm always out in the yard taking pictures! But, the longer that I live in this neighborhood...the neighbors are becoming aware that I'm nuts so...have surrendered to it.
The pink birdcage is great. A lady 3 houses down (she's nutty like me) has one in a back yard garden. Her home was in a big hoity toity garden walk fundraiser thing 2 years ago.
Keep posting. I love it.

Cindy said...

Oh yes, there are a FEW things that I want to paint and there are several vocal "NO"'s against it.

Cindy said...

Hi Carol,
I love your blog and I am so glad you stopped by! Cherries are my favorite fruit, I loved all your make-overs, your wonderful vintage chair and the cloches are grand and pretty! You should have hooked this up to Met Monday, it would be a popular post! I signed on, I love the Sears Roebuck Home, how cool is that! Cindy @ Applestone Cottage

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks again for the funny web site. That stuff is a hoot! Oh, I hear you that it's a pain to have to download the pictures backwards.
Glad you had fun on Sunday painting!

Susie's country cottage said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems uploading pictures. I have learnt now to upload everything backwards but even so, if I forget one, it is incredibly difficult to drag it to the right position!
Again, you have some wonderful stuff. You inspire me to go out looking for things myself.

barncat said...

Well, it just made my day to know I'm not the only one who has a problem with this backward picture thing, thank you!

All great projects, I'd be thrilled if I got that much done in one day.

When you live in the boonies, like me, you can get away with doing ANYTHING in your yard ;)

Cindy said...

I love your makeovers! Yes, there are things that my sweet hubby does not want me to paint, but he is slowly allowing me to paint most anything that I want to. I change my mind alot,though. Great post! Hugs ~CINDY S~

Chrissie Grace said...

That garden chair is Amazing! I love the bird cage too.
You have a great eye!
Chrissie Grace

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The birdcage painted the same color as the table it's on is so cute! It really looks like one of those fancy birdcages! The planted chair is very cute!


Lisa said...

I just love your chair, the fairy cloches, and the bird cage. But I really love your redo of the cabinet with the knobs! I love those! I'd put them on every thing!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Carol! Thanks for visitng my blog! Your finds are great! I love the birdcage painted white. And, the antique dresser--I'm with you about painting it!! Love the new knobs!


Sue said...

Carol, I used to struggle with blogger and loading pictures, copying and pasting, then they didn't enlarge when I did that. So.... I changed and went to posting on windows live writer. I love it. So easy to load, use fonts, everything!!! Check it out, girl. Let me know if I can help...

I love all of your projects, BTW. The birdcage and table, the chair, all of it. U think painting the cabinet a light green would be loverly, loverly... Who doesn't want to let you do it? Go for it!!!
:-) Sue

SueLovesCherries said...

SHRIEK!!! I LOVE the chair with the enamel pot - it's a perfect match! Everything looks wonderful - you've done a great job!

And whatdoyamean you're not participating in REDnesday? You've got some red in almost every pic! Have a great day!

thriftylittleblog said...

I love that pink birdcage- nice choice!

I hate it when the pics are in the wrong order too! It's especially annoying dragging things since the window is so small.