Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Weekend Finds

Time for another episode of My Weekend Finds. And a couple vacation pictures thrown in at the end!

First up is an old Crown birdcage that I got at an antique store while on vacation. After I bought it, I thought it would be really fun to count how many cages I own now. After I got to 7, it stopped being fun, and I'm now convinced that I need some kind of support group! I originally started buying them to plant my hens and chicks in, so that the squirrels wouldn't dig them up in the ground. It's spiraled way beyond that now. I just like them!

A vintage magazine, a Smokey ruler, and an old flower frog still in it's package.

An old Avon bottle in the shape of a dovecote, which has been on my wish list. I just love old Avon bottles, don't you? And a couple pixies to add to the collection.

A cute deck of cards and an old card game that I've never heard of.

These are some of the cards from the game. Aren't they cute? But why is the boy the pilot? The girl just looks way more competent to me!

I have lots more finds to share, but I'll wait 'til REDnesday and White Wednesday. Now onto the vacation pictures. We went to Phillips, Wisconsin and stayed in a cabin on Solberg Lake. This was our view from the cabin. We would get up at 5:30 every morning and fish off that dock.

There were always lots of loons to watch on the lake.

The biggest catch. . . . . . ..

And the smallest!

And every single sunset was a real beauty. It was a great vacation, and I really miss that lake! So, did you find anything this weekend? Or perhaps go on vacation?!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Gorgeous lake photos! Not much to show from the weekend. Love the old card game, the graphics are amazingly cute!

Heidi said...

I LOVE that card game! I've never seen it and I have to have one for my little boy's vintage space-themed bedroom! I just found one on eBay, so I'm so glad you showed yours--I didn't know it even existed and it will be perfect!

Shara said...

I thought of Heidi when I saw those cards, and she's already been here to see them! Small world, eh?

Never, ever count your items!!!!! I never realized I had 20 picnic baskets until I got a wild hair one day and started counting them. NO ONE should own 20 picnic baskets!! ;o)

Carol said...

Wonderful finds.
Getting up at 5:30 to fish? Terrific. Mister and I went on vacation once and did that. It was lovely.
Stunning sunset. Amazing how each one is different.

Andy's Attic said...

Love your finds and the lake looks delightful!! Glad you had such a good vacation,

Maureen said...

What a picture perfect vacation spot!

reprise said...

love the old magazine and card game. looks like a lovely place for a vacation!

nancy said...

Great finds. Love the sunset photo. Have a good week. Nancy

Protector of Vintage said...

Looks like you picked a beautiful spot for a vacation!!

barncat said...

Great finds! When my daughter was little and I would drag her through an antique mall, she always made it her "game" to count birdcages. I'm sure she could tell you where a few more are. ;)

Gorgeous vacation spot!!

craftyles said...

It looks like a wonderful vacation. You also have some cute finds. I love Avon bottles too. The card game is really unique. Glad you are back. We missed you and your blog!

Jane said...

Your lake photos are beautiful! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I spent my weekend moving my son to college. He's all settled in and started classes today.
You found some great finds as always. Love the birdcage!

Celestial Charms said...

Wow, those old cards are too cute. Reminds me of "The Jetsons."
You have such a sweet blog!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Love your finds, but I love your dock and views the most. I'm so glad you had a great vacation. Wisconsin is so beautiful and green and rolling hills.

Sherrie said...

I'm loving the cards and the pixies. Good for you that you got away for a vacation. The photos look amazing. I missed seeing you around blogland. Thanks for stopping by for my little teapots, I do love the cute and quirky.

Kerrie said...

How beautiful!! Our kind of enjoyment! Thanks for visiting and for your comment! We did the same thing trying to catch the hummer long enough to snap a picture-ha! Kerrie

Melissa of Chruubusco, IN said...

Don't you just L-O-V-E Wisconsin!!!
We vacationed at the White Rock Resort in Chetek this past June. The cabins are so retro, simply divine. The sunsets are absolutely beautiful and inspiring, I think my husband and I want to move to Wisconsin and own a resort. :) Aww, the love of a dream. :)