Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Please make sure to drop in over at It's A Very Cherry World, where Sue hosts this RED party every week. You'll find a long list of other RED lovers there!

I know I've shown this breadbox in many other pictures, but I've never shared it for REDnesday. I love the little green flowerpots on it!

It sits on top of my green cabinet, and I think it fits right in with my picnic basket collection.

And here we have some old flour sifters. And although I don't like to cook, I have used these a time or two when I was baking a cake. Don't things taste better when you use vintage kitchen tools? I think so too!
Well that's it for me and my REDS. Now head over to Sue's to see lots more!


Tete said...

Just hopped by to see what you were up to this week. Looks like you have been having some fun. Love your reds...they bring back some fun memories!
Loved your post on the little opossom. We found a little garter snake here. Don't you just love things that make you go eeeekkkkk! No wonder old people walk with a cane. It's to whack the movers.
Hugs- Tete

Jane said...

I really like those flour sifters. I've seen some at antique malls that were unusual and I've thought that it would be a neat thing to collect but I just don't know where I would put them.
I always enjoy seeing your reds.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You have the best vintage kitchen items! Love the sifters and that picnic basket is always worth a look!!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Carol,
I love your bread box and sifters (and your green cabinet!), so charming!

Happy Rednesday,

Maureen said...

Oh Carol you have so many nice vintage kitchen thingies. You must have collected them for years! The sifters are great and look to be in wonderful condition.

Lisa said...

Love all your great kitchen treasures! Thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

Hi Carol,
I love your reds for today...your vignettes are great!! I would love to find that green picnic basket, think I've told you that before, and that wonderful scale!
Thanks for sharing.
The Tattered Tassel

Cindy said...

Carol..Love the tin..it is so vintage!! And the flour sifters..is a dream of mine to find just one..someday..lol

Thanks for you kind words to this chatty the other day!!
Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Cherry Chick said...

You ARE the queen of Vintage! Is that a green phone I spy over in the corner of one of your pictures? Cool!
Thanks for sharing with us on Rednesday.
♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

Liz said...

Your collection is wonderful! I love all your vintage tins and kitchen kitsch! :)


SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Carol! I always enjoy looking at your little vignette there! Also, I can't believe you found a Santa creamer - I've never seen one before - nice!

I like your header graphic, but where's your name? If I didn't know it was you, I wouldn't know it was you!

A 2 Z said...

Hi Carol,

I would love to visit your house. I'm sure you have loads of vintage treasures. Thanks for sharing them.


LV said...

I do not cook anymore either. It is hard to get the desire to cook for one. If I needed a sifter, I would want your red one.

Abramyan Avenue said...

I am a sucker for old flour sifters and bread boxes!! Love your post! And I fell in love with the red floral tray behind your breadbox. Sooooo pretty!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I just love these old metal pieces and have a few of my own...in RED of course, lol! Great Rednesday post :)


Shelley said...

Love your post...great reds...blessings

Sherrie said...

Things always taste better when prepared with vintage kitchen utensils. Honest they do. I think it imparts Grandma's love into the taste. Thanks for your nice comment the other day. Yes I have had to part with a lot of things for my daughter's college bill. I don't regret that for her education. Thanks for sharing.

One Heart said...

Oh, I love these colors and I really like those sifters. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Rednesday!

Anonymous said...

I love that bread box! The little flower pots are adorable.


Janean said...

cute. cute. cute! adore red!

Sandy said...

Hi! All of that vintage tin fun!!!!! You have a wonderful kitchen! How do you get a new kitchen to feel old????? I have klots of "vintage items in it, but it doesn't feel right.....any suggestions??????

craftyles said...

Love all the metal items , especially the wonderful picnic tins. I love them on your green cabinet-looks so perfect. I didn't join Rednesday today, but couldn't help looking at everyone elses!

bj said...

Oh, boy...talk about memories. I am old enuf to remember using these kind of things when I was young and living at home. Mom had a lot of red handled kitchen things..as well as the green. And, she always used a sifter..

Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely page here, and your vintage flour sifters make me want to bake more!

daylily777 said...

I love all your red vintage things !I love the vintage pics on your sidebar too,cool !

Linsday said...

I do love your taste in vintage finds! Great reds.

NanE said...

Happy Rednesday! I love those old sifters and remember my great Grandmother having ones just like that. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Have a great weekend, Nan

nancycreative said...

You have a great collection of vintage items! I love the green cabinet they're displayed on, too!

Mica said...

I just love kitschy things..yours are adorable...Mica

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love old retro things like that..and I must get some of mine out and display them. Yours look wonderful! Now that is CHARM! Great job!!

Angela said...

I just love all your tin ware...the vignettes look so cheery and definitely make my heart sing girl...I love surrounding myself with items that make me smile...and your blog is definitely one that makes me smile each time I come here.

Jacqueline said...

Learned something new...you are not a Suzie Homemaker? You don't like to cook eh? I don't like it much either. I can cook, and it helps if you have some cute vintage wares to make the task more happy.
I'm a meatloaf, baked chicken, taco's the basic kind of cooking.
However, I gave birth to a cook...she LOVES to cook! Thank God, I will never go hungry with her around.
Hope you are able to join my for Fairyland Friends. It's a journey back to my childhood in the Fairyland. Some cute stories and experiences for sure!

Dena E's Blog said...

Sooooo cool Sweetie,, some neat itmes you seem to be blessed in having. I'm not so blessed,,I have to go thru oooodles of our pics to come up with RED day things.. And WOW,, look at all the comments you have,,,how do you do it????
Blessings and Hugs Dena
Thanks for the note..

Patti said...

Yep - I want everything! I think if I sat in your kitchen I wouldn't want to leave! LOVE your cute collections!

GardenofDaisies said...

I love the red with the jadeite green pieces! What a wonderful vintage kitchen!!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I love all of your little floral motifs. I found that floral tray in black Friday, so yours really jumped out at me. It's a pretty one!