Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Weekend Finds, Easter Wreath and More!

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!

My weekend finds consist of these vintage pixie girls that found their way from Ebay to my home! They were made in Japan, many years ago, and I've been thinking over the last few days about how alot of my favorite "stuff" was made in Japan.

As long as you're here, I thought I'd also show you some of my St. Patrick's Day decorations. I don't have alot, but I have enough!

I also slapped together this Easter wreath. I decided to use only the things that I already had, instead of buying anything and adding to the "already bursting at the seams" craft area!

It looked kinda greyish in that last photo, so I took another shot of it against the green background.

Oh, and I hate my new glue gun. Look at all of that wasted glue! And glue isn't cheap anymore, like it used to be. The dollar store used to sell it, but now I have to wait until there's a coupon at Hobby Lobby. Because I am thrifty. I have a physical aversion to paying full price for anything! Ok, so now that you know how cheap I am and how much I hate my glue gun, let me ask you this: Did you find anything interesting over the weekend? And do you like your glue gun?!


JunqueMagnet said...

I hate my glue gun.It's a Walmart one because they break all the time so why pay a lot?!It does not have a fancy base like yours so it falls over perpetually.Ugh.I do love what you make with your craft gun!!!!Cute wreath.Enjoy.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Not crafty at all and my glue gun is seldom used. I also didn't find anything over the weekend! I think your wreath turned out really cute!!

Mecky said...

I must hate my glue gun. I bught it in the 90's and used it once. I don't know where it is now. probably the landfill. I don't do crafts.
The pixies are so cute. You did a nice job on the wreath. I really like it.
My weekend finds aren't much. I bought 3 more red bakelite spoons. Plus an applepicker. I nneded it last Fall. But I am prepared now!

Next weekend there are 2 flea markets and one Unique Antique show! Yippee!!

Nancy Jo said...

Boy thats a big glue gun, mine are little bits next to yours. I still make a mess with mine, glue stings everywhere.
Cute little decorations you have , I don't believe I have any st. patty ones. I do have a lot for Easter which I will have to get out pretty soon.
Nancy Jo

Maureen said...

Your pixies are so darn cute. I found a pepper shaker that was made in Japan. (Thoughts and prayers to Japan.) It is a chef that kind of looks like an elongated Campbell Soup Kids' face. It's pink and white and oh so cute.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I have had a variety of glue guns over the years and use them almost daily. They all have leaked glue...and these aren't cheap glue guns! I buy cheap plastic placemats and cut them in half to use to protect the table (they have great patterns and colors in placemats). I don't do a base like you have, so my gun will just leak onto the placemat and I toss it and get a new one after it has to many glue blobs on it. I agree that GLUE is not CHEAP!

delia hornbook said...

Hi, I love your little pixie dolls there really cute. I don't own a glue gun so i cant comment on that one. Have a lovely week, dee x

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I love your little pixie girls and the wreath is awesome too!!!


I bought a new glue gun, with my coupon and don't like it either..waste glue like yours.
Your pixies are so cute and nice job on the Easte wreath. I haven't put any Easter up ...this weekend I think I will.

Sherrie said...

My favorite things are all made in Japan. There is something about the smiles and those painted eyes that say take me home, and I always do. By the way, I haven't been around lately and today's post explains why. So sorry it has been awhile since we last visited. Whenever I stop on over, it always feels like home. Thanks.