Thursday, August 11, 2011


Let's take a peek at what's happening in the garden this week!

I said I was going to do it, and by golly I did it.

I dug up the poison ivy, and it's in the yard waste can. Now I want to burn that can, and throw away my shoes because the tip of one leaf touched the tip of my shoe. Can you say paranoid?

The Morning Glories are blooming very sporadically, but they sure are pretty when they do. I love that star shape in the center!

A little corner of the Secret Garden, with Black-Eyed Susans, Phlox, and two kinds of Hydrangeas blooming. That armillary sundial is very special to me because it was my late father-in-law's. I kind of wish I had left it it's original gold color, but I think the blue looks good next to the pink shrooms.

The pink lilies are still blooming. I used to be very good about keeping the tags from every single thing that I planted, but I guess I stopped because the tags were taking over the potting shed! So I can't tell you what variety of lily this is. Only that it's pink!

Pink Monarda, or Bee Balm. I still think this stuff looks like fireworks.

And this Liatris looks like 4th of July sparklers!

We've finally, mercifully gotten a break from the heat. It's been positively beautiful the last few days, just perfect for a picnic in the garden! I can have my breakfast on the back porch every morning once again, which is my favorite way to start the day! Do you start your mornings in the garden?


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I saw that first picture and thought wow, that looks like poison ivy! Could NOT figure out where you were going with that! I'm paranoid about it too, but I think that's smart.

Kim K. said...

My husband contracts poison ivy every summer. Such nasty stuff. Your blooms are just gorgeous. I'm especially drawn to your special sundial and darling pink mushrooms.

lory said...

what a lovely pictures!!!!!!! very very nice!!!!!!!!!!! lory

GardenofDaisies said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I love morning glories too. The mushroom are really cute too. So glad nothing else touched the poison ivy or you'd be miserable! I had a friend who got that on here once and it was terrible. Luckily I have managed not to get into any, ever, although I know my FIL had a patch of it in the backyard. I bet if you wipe off the shoe with a cleaning wipe of some sort it would remove all the oil residue and you should be fine. If they are washable you could just throw them in the washing machine to be extra sure. Our weather is so much better too! Weekends I have time to start the day in the garden, IF I am brave enough to go out there with the mosquitos.

Sarah said...

We have been battling a HUGE tree of poison in our yard for two years now. It is really invasive, so keep watching where it was. If the tiniest bit of root is left it WILL return.

(And I am pretty sure you were kidding, but whatever you do, never burn poison ivy. It can get inside your lungs!)

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

YES!! I actually had to put on sweatpants this morning!!!! We've had a break the past 2 days and it looks like another gorgeous day!!!!!

Enjoy your time outside. Fall will be here before we know it!!!!

Andy's Attic said...

Beautiful flowers. So glad you can now start your day in the garden. We have been the one part of the country to have wonderful weather ths year (North West). We haven't even hit 90 degrees. I usually do my weeding and tending in the am...so calm and cool and peaceful.

Protector of Vintage said...

Your garden looks lovely!! I have never been able to get morning glories to grow :(

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your garden is so amazing. I would love a place like that. The heat was so intense this year that my deck garden looks like a dessert. I'm hoping for a cooler fall and some flowers out there to enjoy.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I run from poison ivy. Horribly allergic. My son could roll in it and never get an itch. When I was an arborist we put a tree through the truck to chip it that had it on it and it got in my lungs....misery. Nice job getting rid of it. I use a trash bag invert it and yank it. With gloves on. Round up too...Lovely blooms....Renee

T's Daily Treasures said...

What garden??? It was 117 here today. I water my plants on the balcony either early morning or as the suns starts to set. How I dream of comfortable weather. :) I like that Liatris. Very unique. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Mecky said...

Your flowers are so nice! No, I don't get outside for breakfast. Most everything is burned up.
I have never had poison ivy but I don't blame you for being paranoid. You can't be too careful sometimes.

We are getting abreak from the heat here, too. I dread the heat coming back, but Summer isn't over yet!

Maureen said...

Your garden looks fabulous Carol. Mine, not so much. Just too busy and too hot this summer (first time ever!) It's cooled down here to and I am looooooving it!

Rosie said...

GOod for you! Poison ivy is YUCK! YOur morning glory is gorgeous!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Can you believe we don't have poison ivy in my part of the country? Of course, we don't have those cute lightning bugs either.

Your garden is so beautiful. Do you work out there every day? I'm only a sometime gardener. I'll pass on it when it's over 100. Of course, this summer we've had one of the most pleasant that I can ever remember. (been trying not to flaunt that too much - and you have to realize that pleasant means it doesn't go much above 100 and most of the summer has been high 90s) But I still have been too lazy to do much in the garden. Just not very motivated this summer. Sadly, summer if over for me. I start school tomorrow and the students come on Thursday.

So, thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with us. Especially us neglectful gardeners.