Monday, November 4, 2013


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!
Garage sale season is just about over, so now it's time to concentrate on estate sales. I have a love/hate thing going  for estate sales. I love the wide variety of things you can find at one, but I hate to wait to get inside the door! I was shocked to find that lady head vase on the right still sitting on a table the second day of a sale. She's now the new girl in the collection!   
Another reason to love estate sales: Vintage towels and linens. Some women of a certain age had a habit of never using the pretty towels and sheets that they were given as gifts. My Grandma was like that. So I always make sure to find the linen closet at sales, right after I've checked out the garage and basement!   
A cement chicken, to join the small herd that I have already.
I think these flash cards are my new favorite thing. You see, I like bugs. ALOT. As long as they're outside and not in my house! The nice lady I bought them from had the intention of getting a big frame and putting a bunch of the cards in it, and I think that's what I will do too. Each card is like a little work of art....
Oops, pardon me, but the girl on the left is now the new girl in the collection! I've had some pretty good luck finding these gals lately. I think that makes 3 in about a month span. New Girl's hand was shattered, glued back together and repainted at some point, but she looks blissfully unaware. But the girl on the right, she looks like she's got a headache, doesn't she?! 
You might remember the red Tonka truck I found this summer. Or not!
At a garage sale, I found that old cart, and we are now in the Christmas tree business. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!
I promised myself that I will learn how to quilt this winter, so I couldn't pass up this old quilt top. Love the pattern and the colors. 
A vintage Easter die cut and some carrot lights!
The jadeite green color of this old minnow bucket caught my eye at the flea market. 
And then I saw the graphics.  A shamrock, and "Lucky Waters Minnow Bucket" written on it. It was also holding a bunch of old tools, so I wasn't sure if the seller would part with it. I normally don't go anywhere near a booth that has tools, because you just don't want to get in the way of these guys looking at tools. I can't tell you how many times I've been practically knocked to the ground!  Anyway, I digress, and obviously he let me buy it, and it's proof that it never hurts to ask!  
I always like to share what I do with my junk, or how I display it, and this is what I plan to do with my minnow bucket. It will hold greenery in my Christmas/Winter decorations. It's kinda Farm Chick-ish, don't you think? Again, I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!!!
I also bought a bunch of guitars for Mr. Old Glory. Guitar lights, that is! He's a musician, and could probably care less about these lights, but they're going down in his man cave, and by golly he will like them! Try as I might, he just will not be drawn into the junking world. He will go with me to the flea market and carry my junk, but I just can't turn him into a junker. For obvious hoarding reasons, it's probably a good thing, right? So, how was your junking weekend?    


Primitive Stars said...

Wow!!!! you find the greatest things.Love the quilt top and minnow bucket, sweet!!!! Blessings Francine.

Mecky said...

It's funny that you mentioned decorating for Christmas. I couldn't get back to sleep this morning because my mind was stuck on ideas for Christmas decorating!
I really like that minnow bucket. You can use it year round. Spring time it can hold vintage gardening tools.
That is a great truck and even better with a trailer behind it!

I didn't know you liked bugs. I hate bugs inside or out!!!
Happy a good week!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

All fun finds! Lovin' the great red truck and wagon, they will be beautiful at Christmas:@)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Congrats on your new Christmas tree business! ;) I can't wait to decorate for Christmas either!

I would have bought those guitar lights, too! My son just bought a new amp and... it's a good thing I like rock music!

My husband is a junker but unfortunately that doesn't always mean cool,vintage junk! He sheepishly came in the door the other morning with 3 cheap wall clocks under his arm. I just looked the other way! :) I think he put them in the garage next to his buckets full of pencils and pens! Lord help us if we live here long. ♥

Musings from Kim K. said...

That red cart filled with trees is the perfect addition to your truck. I'll have to show Chris what you did with your minnow bucket with greenery. Fabulous finds as always!

Michelle said...

I LOVE that little truck/wagon! So very cute!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I always check out the linen closet looking for towels too. I have 4 vintage ones hanging in my bathroom now and one new one that is for use. The others are off limits..helps that the kids are away at college and I don't fret about the vintage ones as much!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun finds! I love the cart you found for your Tonka truck...and all in RED! How nice! Love the old quilt and so many cute things. I can't wait to go thrifting when we get back to Florida. I'm in withdrawal! lol Have fun!

Annette said...

Great finds this week!! That minnow bucket is wonderful for the holidays. But the truck and wagon for the "tree farm" are just adorable!!

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! You never cease to amaze with all those great finds. I think the head vase of the young girl with the bow in her hair looks like Alice in Wonderland! I wonder if she is supposed to?! Love all your stuff especialy that minnow bucket! Maggie

ThrifterSisters said...

So I've already pinned the minnow bucket & truck and trailer to my Rustic Farmhouse Christmas board. Love them! I have been on the lookout for an old toy truck just like that. I will find one! I recently found a minnow bucket at the flea market too. Now just to find some greenery. I live in Oregon...shouldn't be too hard.

Those vintage towels are AWESOME! I always check the linen closets at estate sales. I have had some amazing luck with sheets and pillow cases but never towels. Oh well....the hunt continues.



Nice finds, Carol! The minnow bucket is perfect for Christmas greens. Very nice head vases!
I'm wanting to decorate for Christmas too, but I'll wait until the day after Thanksgiving!

Diane Mars said...

Wow you sure did score, I would say you had a fun time treasure hunting I scored on 6 bags stuffed with Childrens Vintage clothing, cannot wait to share! Hugs,Diane

Protector of Vintage said...

Very cute finds!! I bet your place looks so fantastic at Christmas!!

Sarah said...

Lovely, lovely fan quilt top.

After many years of not buying tops.(What am I going to do with them?) I am on the hunt for them now. I am determined to use them as curtains in every.single.room! :-)

Jill said...

You had a great weekend!! Sadly, we don't have estate sales around here but I sure wish we did!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Carol you found some pretty awesome stuff! Love the minnow bucket and it looks great with greenery in it. But I love your red truck and the wagon you found for it! A red truck is on the top of my junkin list right now.

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Carol, How nice to hear from you. I think of you whenever I see a picnic tin HA.
I see you have been finding all kinds of good stuff. I have several of the ladies heads too. I see them at the thrift store sometimes. In fact I see to much at the thrift store. or do I? Its just fun. You know that. To bad you don't live near by, we could fight over the good stuff.
Nancy Jo

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I'm still catching up with posts after having a houseguest. You always find such great things Carol! Love the little truck with the wagon full of bottle brush trees, just the cutest. Oh those vintage towels, be still my heart!

:) Pam

Mick said...

Just found your blog! Lots of neat stuff, I love the lady head vases and I love the little trailer you found for the truck and stuffed full of bottle trees!

craftyles said...

All I can say is WOW! Love the Red cart for your old truck. The bugs are awesome!

Anne@Kitschy Vintage said...

Wonderful finds! I LOVE the quilt top -- the fan pattern is great. And I think the little cart behind the car is brilliant (especially with the trees added). BUT, my favorite is the flash cards, because I like bugs, too! (But outside in their house, not inside in mine, either).
What a great post & a great blog!

Barbara said...

Very Farm-Chickish! I have been in the truck market, too, but not as much luck as you. (ps Thank you for the info on the invention of the bar code back a few posts ago!)

Barbara said...

Very Farm-Chickish! I have been in the truck market, too, but not as much luck as you. (ps Thank you for the info on the invention of the bar code back a few posts ago!)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Want a red truck! I keep looking for one with no luck. LOVE the trees being hauled around. I have a cute little vintage barn too - it was my grandma's and we always played with it at her house and then I snagged it. Carol, you just always find the best junk. I want to come to your yard sale when you are ready. Just let me know in advance so I can book my plane tickets. LOL

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