Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodies From The Covered Bridge Festival!

When we started out for Indiana early Wednesday morning, it was very gloomy and drizzly, and it was like that the whole time we were there! Have you ever seen a wind farm? We passed the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Benton County, Indiana. I was fascinated yet creeped out by those huge turbines! They made me think of the movie War of the Worlds. Is it just me?

There are three towns with festivals going on, and this one was at Bridgeton. You can see the old mill, and the covered bridge on the right.

This is the inside of the bridge.

This is the bridge with a little waterfall.

This is the fest happening in the town of Mansfield. This fest was huge!

One of the many food vendors. The name of this one made me smile! I wish I could have taken pictures of all of the craft booths, but many had signs saying No Pictures Please. There were lots of antique booths too, but the prices were very expensive.

I just love this sign! It was on the way to our hotel in Terre Haute.

I got this McCoy vase from a sweet Amish lady selling antiques. If you enlarge the picture, you can see that it was only $2, because it was chipped! Turn it around, and no chips!

I also got these from the same Amish lady. I thought this deck of cards was pretty cool. I had to have them, because I've seen lots of crafts using them on lots of blogs!

I haggled pretty hard to get this little jar! I've always wanted one, but it was a little pricey for me. Luckily the vendor was willing to make a deal!

I thought this planter was a cupid, that I could use in my Valentine decorations. When I got it home, I realized it was a baby with a rattle! Ah well, you're still going to see it with all of the Valentine decor!

I got this pink tin, full of sewing notions, at an Amish farm having a garage sale. The little pink vase also came from a garage sale. Normally there are a ton of garage sales along the way, once you get close to the fest, but the weather was too crummy for most people I guess.

My first Santa boot! I feel a collection coming on!

Yes, dear Penni, of course I came home with something red, white and blue! This apron came out of a big basket, where everything was $2.

This Smokey the Bear!!! scarf came out of the same basket. I have loved Smokey since I was a little girl, but have never owned anything Smokey until now. So happy!

And finally, Terry @ Purple and Paisley sent me one of these old magazines that she shared for Vintage Thingies Thursday. Click on Terry's blog there, to read the post. The magazines have really crazy crafts, ads where women are looking for their missing husbands, or a pen pal. Terry's post about these magazines is very funny! Thank you Terry! I had fun reading the magazine while we were at the hotel!


LBP said...

Wow, what great finds!! I love the cookie jar.



barncat said...

Love all your pics, I'm going to have to get to this some year! Love the jar, the apron, and the tin (I have the same one!) And that sign is great!

The sun is actually shining here today, so I might take some photos (finally!) Watch for 'em, I've got one just for you :)

Susie's country cottage said...

I have been waiting patiently to see your buys and they don't disappoint! You have found some amazing things. I love the pink tin and the little pink vase but then I really like anything pink. You have really captured the spirit of the festival with your photos. Thanks for showing us.
Susie X

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, you found so many lovely things!!

Tammy said...

The locals here in Ohio are fighting hard against those wind turbines...but I think they are cool!

Looks like you loaded up on nice goodies.

Loved that waterfall!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, that kooky magazine must have been a prehistoric "Craigslist" sort of thing...lol...

Yay for Smokey! Yay for RED!!! We used to go to the vet clinic in Santa Fe where the original Smokey was treated and saved...

That planter is perhaps a BABY cupid...


Hi Carol,
OH WHAT FUN!!! Love the prices and the new treasures!! Looks like lots of good juck food to eat too!
Happy Monday... I hope to post tonight..
Deb :)

barbara said...

That Smokey Bear scarf is fabulous. Definitely go for the Santa boot collection - they seem plentiful and cheap, not to mention cute.

Keetha Broyles said...

Awwwww - - - you were over here in my state, and I was next door in Ohio at the time!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun day! Covered bridges are so cool and you found some great stuff. That is something my husband and I would enjoy. I will have to find something similar a bit closer. thanks for taking us with you.

Sandi said...

This brings back memories. We went with some friends several years ago to the Covered Bridge Festival and we also stayed at a hotel in Terre Haute. Fun times and nice goodies!!
PS do they still have those people playing some type of wooden instruments around town??

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Lots of great finds. I had to laugh at the cherub actually being a baby with a rattle. And I laughed more when you said it will still show up in your valentine decor. Too funny. Thanks for sharing your great finds & the Covered Bridge festival. I would love to see a covered bridge some day. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me such a nice comment. It really means a lot to me.

Maureen said...

Love that tin! And that Clabber Girl sign is awesome! Never heard of it though.