Sunday, August 28, 2011


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!
Oh dear, it's been a full week since I've posted, and I've missed visiting all of your blogs, but now I'm back with some things that I found over the weekend.

This little table, straight out of the 50s, was found at a church rummage sale. It's alot like the one I had as a little girl, so for $2 I knew I had to get it. Otherwise I would never be able to get it out of my mind!

Isn't it fabulous?

I put it on my front porch, along with a vintage towel from a garage sale, and a McCoy pot that my sister recently gave me.

It now serves as a sort of end table for the porch swing, one of my favorite reading spots. Darn, I still need to paint that porch swing!

I was pretty excited to finally find some Burlap Ware cups. I grew up drinking out of cups like this. Did you? I know I've already shown the radio that I found a couple of weeks ago, but it's my new favorite, so you get to see it again!

I also found this little girl in her cat costume. She's definitely going to be part of my Halloween decorations this year!

Last but not least is this old bunny planter, which will go straight into the Easter decorations box.
I've got jury duty on Tuesday, which I hate doing but at the same time find very interesting. Who am I kidding? I thoroughly enjoy the sense of power that I wield for those few days! I'll be catching up with you all today, and then I'll see you In The Garden on Friday. So, did you find any treasures over the weekend?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!

The weather was fine, and my painful foot wasn't bothering me too much, so I headed to the flea market on Sunday, where I found this cute yet very rusty watering can.

I put it on the green cabinet, to keep the other children's watering can that I have company.

I had to have this vintage oven mitt, because I've never seen a pink one before.

I also found another Ohio Art world globe bank. It's official: I have three, no now it's a collection!

That big bluish-green USA pot came from a garage sale. I don't know if you remember this, but I said before that I don't have much more room for vintage pottery in the house, so now I'm decorating the porches with them.

This pink McCoy pot came from the same sale. I'm afraid I'm going to have to find some room inside for this one!

Last but not least, a cement cat to guard over all of the stuff that still needs to be planted.
I didn't get alot this week, but what I did get, I like alot! Did you find any goodies over the weekend that you like alot?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

IN THE GARDEN-Already Dreaming Of Spring!

Let's take a peek at what's happening in the garden this week!

Well, we're at the point in summer where I generally run out of steam in the garden. I get tired of watering the pots every day and keeping up with the feeding schedule. That cement squirrel looks nice and tame, but soon the real ones will be digging up all of those pots while burying all sorts of goodies for their Springtime eating pleasure.

I forgot to take lots of pictures around the garden this week. But I did get a shot of these seed heads from the clematis growing up the windmill.

They always remind me of Cousin It from The Addams Family!

But don't go thinking that I'm all done gardening for the year. I'm already dreaming about Spring! I want to plant tulips like these this Fall in front of my red bike.

I must have these lilies!

And these!

And I want to start more flowers from seed next year. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a pretty greenhouse like this to start them in?

Oh and before I forget, about a hundred years ago, on August 19th, Mr. Old Glory and I got married. Happy Anniversary honeybunch!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MY WEEKEND FINDS-Quilt Help, Please!

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!

I found this quilt at an estate sale, and I was really surprised to see it. There was a picture of it in the listing, and I thought for sure that it would be gone by the time I got there. When I asked the worker how much it was, she said that all blankets were $2. SOLD!

I know it's hand quilted.

But I don't know zip about quilts. Is the fabric vintage?

I just can't tell if it's old or not. I know that if the fabric is vintage, that doesn't necessarily make the quilt old. I guess in the end, it doesn't really matter, as long as I like it, right? I would just like to know.........

This cute little TV tray came from a garage sale. I guess there was a spattering candle incident, and I'm still trying to get all of the wax off. After explaining to the seller that this would involve alot of work on my part, he lowered his price from $3 to 50 cents!

I also found some McCoy and Shawnee pots. I've found that if you stand there and let the seller complain about their in-laws for several minutes, you get a reeeally good price!
This box of ornaments came from an estate sale. The cashier explained apologetically that they usually charge $1 for a whole box of ornaments. Fine by me! It gets me that much closer to making an ornament wreath like the ones that Sonya makes.

These are old railroad car keys. Didn't need them, just liked them!

And I can never pass up some good old Harlequin Romances! I love the graphics on the covers, and the titles crack me up.

Every couple of days, I change them out and feature a new title for my viewing pleasure!
So did you find anything exciting over the weekend? Perhaps something that you had to spend hours and hours cleaning, and make you question your sanity?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Let's take a peek at what's happening in the garden this week!

I said I was going to do it, and by golly I did it.

I dug up the poison ivy, and it's in the yard waste can. Now I want to burn that can, and throw away my shoes because the tip of one leaf touched the tip of my shoe. Can you say paranoid?

The Morning Glories are blooming very sporadically, but they sure are pretty when they do. I love that star shape in the center!

A little corner of the Secret Garden, with Black-Eyed Susans, Phlox, and two kinds of Hydrangeas blooming. That armillary sundial is very special to me because it was my late father-in-law's. I kind of wish I had left it it's original gold color, but I think the blue looks good next to the pink shrooms.

The pink lilies are still blooming. I used to be very good about keeping the tags from every single thing that I planted, but I guess I stopped because the tags were taking over the potting shed! So I can't tell you what variety of lily this is. Only that it's pink!

Pink Monarda, or Bee Balm. I still think this stuff looks like fireworks.

And this Liatris looks like 4th of July sparklers!

We've finally, mercifully gotten a break from the heat. It's been positively beautiful the last few days, just perfect for a picnic in the garden! I can have my breakfast on the back porch every morning once again, which is my favorite way to start the day! Do you start your mornings in the garden?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

IN THE GARDEN-Thrifty Finds For The Garden!

Let's take a peek at what's happening in the garden this week!

But first, let's play a game. It's called Find The Goldfinch. Did you find it? I love listening to them "peep peep peep" as they eat the coneflower seeds.

Let's play another game. This one is called Find The Katydid. She was so shy that every time I got near her, she'd turn away. So I had to take this shot from a few feet away.

I found a few goodies for the garden at the flea market and garage sales last week. I just love this snail gazing ball.

And this blue gazing ball.

This birdcage and stand were green when I bought them, but a couple of coats of Heirloom White spray paint took care of that. In the fall I'll put some crows and little pumpkins in there.

This big teapot was a rusty black color, but it was spray paint to the rescue again. Now all it needs is a little pot of flowers inside.

The Balloon Flowers are finally blooming.

And so are the Black Eyed Susans, which are one of my favorite flowers. I have great memories of walking along the dirt road my grandparents' lived on, and picking a bouquet for the kitchen table. I had to use a knife to cut them, because Grandma wouldn't let me use her sewing scissors! Ok, one more game before me move on: Find The Bunny!

I have two patches of poison ivy that need digging up and disposing of. And I will do that next week. I will, I will, I will. I'm afraid to go anywhere near it, but I'm tired of working around it and being petrified. I've had many cases of poison ivy, but last year was especially dreadful, and I want to avoid another bout at all costs. Now that I've clicked the PUBLISH button, I really have to do it, because I don't want to have to confess here next week that I chickened out. Wish me luck.........