Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's Rednesday here, and also at It's A Very Cherry World, where Sue created this party and hosts it each week!
Here's a shot of the front of our house.
Lots of garland and red bows. Boy do those bushes need a good whacking. They're trying to take over the porch!
Our daughter Liz's skates and a thermos sit on an old wool scarf on the bench outside the back door.
Mr. Old Glory made this deer family several years ago. Normally they gather round the lamppost, but this year they're nestled up by the house, in hopes that people will leave them alone, and not rearrange them in strange positions like they have in the past!
And speaking of deer, I put this vintage Rudolph blow mold in the garage windowbox this year. 
I love to decorate our house for each holiday, but I can't see any of it unless I'm driving by! That's why I started decorating that windowbox several years ago. I can see it from the kitchen window, and that deer looks so pretty, day or night!
It seems like there's always just one more thing that needs to be dug out of the shed and plugged in. That NOEL candle was doing it's best to hide in there, but I found it!
I was very excited to find three more of these Libbey glasses, marked down to a quarter apiece over the weekend.
So now I have six, and the glass carrier is SO happy to finally hold a full set!
I love Dollar Tree. Don't you? Where else could you find pretty chair cushions like this? For $1.00? Nowhere, that's where!~~~~~~~~~~If you would like to see more reds, head on over to It's A Very Cherry World right now! 

Monday, December 10, 2012


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of My Weekend Finds, the continuing saga of one girl's quest for more junk!
After photographing all of my finds from this weekend, I have to admit that I've got a rather troubling problem, and I hope that I can count on your support......  
I bought another pink radio. Stop the madness! And if you know of a support group for this, please steer me in the right direction!
This year I've got a thing for vintage gift boxes.
And I'm using that polka dotty starry quilt as a tree skirt!
I found a ton of old Christmas cards and I'll be taking pics of each one, which you can see on my Flickr photostream in the next few days.
Love this big old Christmas card box. Sure wish the cards were still in it!
Old Christmas stickers.
A vintage Brach's chocolate box. 3 pounds!
A Santa blow mold.
He looks SO surprised to be here. Doesn't he know that most blow molds end up here sooner or later?
I found that big light-up Santa face on the wall at an estate sale. There was a picture of it in the ad, so I made sure to get there early. I was #9 in the door, and he was mine!
Little candy cane girl found just enough room to squeeze in amongst all of the other girls!
A stuffed Santa. Not real old, but he was real cheap!
And last is a Santa horn. I've been coveting one at another antique mall that is marked $30, and I got this one for under $3. More proof that if you wait long enough, the junk will come at your price! So, did you find anything that you already have three of, and really don't need another one, but you got it anyway? Yeah, me neither....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Old Favorites

A few years ago, I raided a drawer in my Mom's buffet. That drawer held Christmas goodies from my childhood!
I actually remember making this snow globe in school.
Waaaaaay back when jars of baby food were 9 cents each!
I remember loving the heck out of this little elf.
Which probably explains why this happened! I don't think I can ever have too many of them, and I still experience a little thrill when I find a new one to capture collect!

It's hard to believe that there's still water in these snow globes! I remember that the one with the choirboys was always my favorite.
I remember thinking this pin was SO cute, but now he's known as Creepy Santa Pin!
Some ornaments that hung on the tree.
As I explained in a previous post, old wiring scares the bejeebers out of me, but these bells mean so much to me that I realized that I can still enjoy them without ever plugging them in. So now they hang on the green secretary hutch, and seeing them gives me tons of pleasure.
These balls are supposed to be on a string of lights, but that light strand is looong gone.
I remember being entranced by the little scene in each ball. Like this little elf....
And this sweet church.
It's a major hassle trying to get each one to fit safely over a bulb without falling off and shattering, so I've only gotten a few done. But suddenly it's like I'm a little girl and entranced all over again

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ever since I started blogging, I've tried to decorate a little differently each year for the holidays, just so that you won't get bored seeing all of my junk!
This old wooden box is about 42" long, and this year I decided to cram all of the Christmas girls/angels in it.
Unfortunately some girls got left out of the fun because there just wasn't enough room for everyone. Notice how I didn't say that I have too many figurines? No, instead I blamed it on the size of the box!
Love that little angel shh-shing everyone!
Does that girl on the left look familiar? She should, because she's my profile icon!
I would SO carry a big poinsettia purse like that, wouldn't you?!
What's red, white and blue and vintage all over? This Christmas decoration, made by Renee at My Vintage Mending. If you've never been there, please do visit. It's like a little piece of vintage heaven in every single post!~~~~~~~~~~I got sidetracked by all of the nice weather we've been having, which makes me want to play outside all day and not do a single thing inside. It's only going to be 40 tomorrow, so I guess I'll stay in and finish decorating!~~~~~~~ If you would like to see more reds, head over to It's A Very Cherry World, where Sue is our hostess every week!