Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Finds

I did pretty good at the garage sales this weekend. It seems that since I've made a conscious effort to start collecting pottery, I'm finding some every week. That makes me happy! I think this beauty is my favorite. 10" of sheer beauteousness. YES, that IS a word, when collecting pottery! It was $1.00. I love this USA pottery planter. I've been wanting one like this for a while. 50cents!

A pretty little barkcloth pillow. 50cents.

A pink quilt for our daughter's bed. She takes hers to college with her, so I wanted something on the bed while she was away. She'll either love it or hate it. The gravy boat I am going to drill a hole in the bottom, so that I can plant a little flower in it, and set it on the porch. The pattern is "Avon Cottage", made in Staffordshire England. Do you think it's sacrilegious to drill a hole in it? I do, but I'm doing it anyway!

A honeycomb turkey, plastic roses!, aluminum glasses which I will sell on Ebay, a cute little clock because I am a sucker for cute little clocks, and two vintage blingy bow pins, 50cents for the pair.

And this I found at Menards. Have you seen the short infomercials for these, where they're $14.95 for 3 huge, bulbous ones? Well I didn't want a bulbous one, I wanted a nice, low profile one, so I thought this was a great deal at $1.99 for a 5 1/2" one. They also had the bigger ones. I can't remember the price, but they were WAY cheaper then getting them from those infomercials. I'm always happy when Walgreens gets all the "As Seen On TV" stuff in, so I don't have to pay shipping. Because, by golly, I've just GOT to have me a ShamWoW, and PediPaws, and let's not forget the HairDini! Have a great weekend, everyone! Also, if you would like to see other bloggers' great garage sale finds, please stop by Rhoda's wonderful blog Southern Hospitality


Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Great finds and a wonderful blog! I'm so glad you found me!~~~XXOO, Beth

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I just love that white vase. I have one similar & am SO into white dishes now. Great score, as well as the barkcloth pillow. You did great, thanks for playing along today.

Next time, if you could link from your blog to my party, that would be great. Then everyone else can join in.

Debbie said...

Great finds, love the white vase. Debbie

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Carol, the children of the corn are still sitting on the front porch! LOL

Lena said...

Oh my, just a couple of days ago, my friend Beth and I were talking about old fashioned metal tumblers like those. Both of our grandmother's had them for serving iced tea.

Lovely decorating ideas. Thank you for taking the time to share them with all of us.

SugarPlumFairy said...

JANA POT! lol the pillow is probably my favorite it looks nice on the couch =]

Brent said...

Great ppost thanks