Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's time to check out what's happening in the garden this week!
I finally found the flowers that I was looking for to plant in my little galoshes: pink begonias and blue lobelia. That blue butterfly is a light that was in our daughter's room when she was a little girl, and now it's a "night light" by the back door.

This chair was all chippy and in desperate need of a new paint job.

Now it's RED!

And it holds an old enamel bowl full of a variety of sedum.

And the frame surrounding the sign that certifies our backyard as a wildlife habitat got a whitewashing.

Tulips surrounding the mailbox.

The garden out on the corner of our yard. This garden is full of tulips and grape hyacinths.

Lovely red tulips.

The Bleeding Heart, or Dicentra, is finally starting to bloom.

So are the Virginia Bluebells.

These pink hyacinths that I found at Lowes for 99 cents will go in The Lamppost Garden. Yes, I have a name for every one of the gardens! And I have alot of gardens. By the end of the summer, you will think I'm either crazy for having so many gardens, or you will feel sorry for me and come help me weed!!!
NEXT WEEK: Weather permitting, two RED things go in The Lamppost Garden!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your garden is looking lovely.


Unknown said...

I love the thought of naming your gardens. It is something I might like to do too! Our whole front yard is Gnomeland...hmmm...we are laying brick as I type to lead to the back yard...hmmm...you have me thinking!

Carol, do you have a vintage AVON guide? I have one for you if you would like it. It's cool. I also have another item or two to send you when I get the store closed.

Why...just because.

Love sent! Back to commmenting next week. I've missed my blog friends. Thanks for hanging in there with me while the store was floating.

Laura said...

Carol, Thank you for sharing your lovely garden! We love the chair and the habitat sign. The little galoshes are sweet. We are both working now and have yet to find time to get into the garden. Hopefully we will get started this weekend. We are glad that you liked our packaging wrap! That was Michele's creativity coming out. We hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Anonymous said...

You are on the same blooming schedule as we are!
I love how the bluebells appear from nothing!
Have a terrific weekend. Looking forward to seeing more of your gardens!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Of course the chair was to be painted red! I can't imagine it any other color. I love your gardens, and why not name them? How else to keep track of what you're talking about? My spring flowers have given way to the next batch of summer flowers.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful garden. I am ready to get some flowers for my deck garden nwo!

Mecky said...

Oh Carol, your gardens looks so wonderful. I can't wait to see more. I am sure that the birds and butterflies are so happy to come and spend the Summer with you.

I have such a brown thumb. Girl, I wish you lived closer to me. You could teach me so much. Oh and the fun we would have antiquing!!!

Thank you for sharing your garden with us.


Keetha Broyles said...

I'm LOVING the flowers-in-boots!!!


Hi Carol,
It all looks so pretty and the chair makeover it perfect for your cottage!
I'm still waiting for my tulips to open.
Have a great weekend.

Susie's country cottage said...

It looks like your garden is really coming to life. It is so nice to see the flowers. I love the chair you've painted.
Susie X

Maureen said...

It all looks wonderful! Isn't Spring the best!? I absolutely love when green sprouts start poking up through the soil here and there. And that followed by Spring bulbs....heaven I say.

Jane said...

Your garden looks so pretty! I love the chair painted red and the frame and sign on the tree is a very fun idea.
Love the flowers in the galoshes too!
Happy Sunday.

Unknown said...

I plan on having a flower power day today in celebration of May! Off to the nursery to find something bright and beautiful for my black and red flower cart.

Oh goody...you already have the AVON guide. I bought it a few years ago for the same reason as you. To remember when!
Yes...mom had an AVON lady that smelled like heaven and was so pretty. I loved her nails and everything about her and felt so grown up when mom allowed me to place an order for ME! Very fun memories. The Avon Lady would do my mom's nails!

LV said...

Noting more beautiful than a garden filled with such beauty. Loved your flowers.