Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween, from our spooky house to yours! I thought I would share a few pics of our outdoor decorations today, and I had a little fun with Pic Monkey while I was at it!
I often wonder if people think: "There's The Crazy Cat Lady House" as they're walking or driving past our house during the month of October! I decorate "cute", with pumpkins and black cats, instead of gory. Lots of cats up on the porch railing, strolling along "Black Cat Crossing" this year!
Another black cat, in the garage windowbox!
Still more cats, this one by the back door.
The back porch.
I didn't realize Cupcake was watching me the whole time, until I uploaded the previous pic! I have a feeling that she's wondering what's the deal with all of the cats out there, and why can't she be out there too! 
A vintage plantstand, full of sparkly pumpkins.
I guess this is more Fall than Halloween, but there is a crow lurking in the background. If you've ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, you know how a couple of birds can lead to total chaos. I remember having nightmares after seeing that movie! 
More Fall decorations. When I bought that picnic basket, I remember thinking that even though the red had faded to orange, it would work perfectly with the Fall decorations. So I packed it away in the shed,  and that's how I have so much junk! 
Recent flea market/estate sale finds.
The only indoor Halloween decorations I managed this year. I recently brought home that movie from my Mom's house. I remember when my Dad would put that movie on the old projector, it was equal parts terror and excitement. That spider is HUGE! 
Our pumpkin, carved by our very artistic and talented daughter Liz. I think she could tell that I'm obsessed with owls this year! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! It looks like it's going to rain all day and night here, so I guess we won't get alot of trick or treaters. We usually have 100+ kids come to the door, so it's looking like we will be returning candy to the store. Tricked Ya!! I've already called dibs on the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and the Twizzlers! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 


Debby said...

What a fun house all decorated up for Halloween. Now that spider crawling on the screen is scary.
I esp. like the craved owl. I am crazy for owls right now. Wish you would have joined our owl swap.
Happy Haunting

Margaret said...

Your house looks wonderful!Love the traditional black & orange--I do the same! Happy Halloween! I'm a crazy cat lady too! Maggie

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...


Lynn said...

Everything looks great! Sorry to hear about the rain but as you say, I'm sure... someone... will eat it! Happy Halloween:@)

Andy's Attic said...

The house looks like so much fun!!
Love all your black cats. We live in the country up a long road and so don't get any trick or treaters!
Happy Halloween

ThrifterSisters said...

We don't do any outdoor decorations for Halloween. We live in the country so we don't get any trick or treaters plus if I put pumpkins out, my dogs would eat them! I love how you decorate your back porch too. It all looks so dang cute!


Anonymous said...

Great decorations and love your house! Greetings from France, Alexander.

Anonymous said...

Great decorations and love your house! Greetings from France, Alexander.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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GardenOfDaisies said...

It's definitely looking like Halloween at your place. I like how you've used all sorts of vintage bits to create the look: picnic tin and watering can and an owl..... I need you to come and decorate my porch!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love all the black cats marching across your porch! I didn't do any outside decorating this year.

Musings from Kim K. said...

You know I'm totally loving your porch. It's so fantastic. Completely over the top amazing! Halloween hugs. PS. I wish the rain would have held off a few more days. It's going to be a miserable night for trick or treating. I hope Josie has felt we celebrated enough all month long.

ThreeOldKeys said...

I love the pumpkin owl! That's one talented carver.

Unknown said...

lol....so stinkin' cute! I just adore your home anyhow....but you really outdid yourself this year! :)

Mecky said...

Oh Carol, that spider crawling on the screen. I am going to have nightmares of spiders tonight! Just wait.

Your house looks cute!

Jill said...

It sure looks like Halloween at your house! Looks great!


Hi Friend!
Looks like lots of fun at your home! Hope to see more of you in blogland!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Just adore your vintage stuff, except for the spider crawling across the screen!! SCREAM!

Hope it was a great Halloween!