Monday, June 29, 2009

Sam & Libby

Just a few pictures of some of the Uncle Sams and Lady Libertys that I have. These, below, I made about 10 years ago, out of landscape timbers. I used sphagnum moss for Libby's hair, and I can see that the birds have again picked some off and have given her a bald spot! This happens every year, so I don't know why I'm surprised. I just didn't think it would happen minutes after we put her on the porch! Sam has a crack running through his face, so he will need a little cosmetic surgery before I put him away until next year!

I made two of these big Sams a few years ago, and they just about did me in! I gave the other one to my sister. She decorates in the Americana style, so he is on her porch year-round. He is over 5' tall, and the light in his bag lights up at night. You can click on any picture to enlarge it. I used potato sacks for the bag. I found a picture of him in Country Sampler magazine, and I liked him so much that two of my friends also made him at the same time. Note to self: Make sure you've got the right jigsaw blades before you try something like this again!

I made this goofy pair out of the paint stirrer sticks that you get when you buy a can of paint, and popsicle sticks for the arms!

I didn't make this lady liberty, but I love how she is very plain, until you look at her sparkly crown! Well, I finally got all the lights up for the 4th. I've got a reputation to uphold! I decorate for every holiday, and although I don't do as much as I used to, I always try to make the house look cute, and as I'm looking down my block, I see no decorations at all, but most importantly I do see two flags. Do you decorate your house for every holiday? Are you the only one on your block who does? Please share!


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Wow! You are very talented! Love all your Sam and Libby's and you did a wonderful job creating them!

Great finds in the post below! Those are some real vintage treasures! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Susie's country cottage said...

I had no idea you decorated for the 4th July. It is nice to keep up traditions. We usually see a bit of your celebrating on tv over here in England. I love your front porch.

TX Doodler said...

Love your style! Sam & Libby are too precious. You've definitely inspired me to get off my keester & get crackin' on my 4th decor. Cool blog, consider me a follower...

Unknown said...

Hi! I just popped over from Front Porches/Sweet Tea Blog...and LOVE your decorating. The Sam and Libby and priceless. You've got some SKILLS...girlfriend. I'll be back. :)

Coloradolady said...

carol.....First off....I scrolled down your blog and just about fell out of my chair. That purse you are showing is EXACTLY like the one I blogged about during Easter time. I had one JUST like this and said I doubt I will ever see another. If you decide to sell this...PLEASE email me. I would so love to buy this from you if you decide you just do not love it. I can not believe how EXACTLY it is the same.......Please!!!!

Now, for your question....I used to decorate for every holiday....now, I don't, seems like I do not have enough time to do so.

Joy said...

Your 4th decor is fantastic! I can't believe that it's going to July already. Have a happy 4th!

Lisa said...

Super! Love your Sams and Libbys!!
Very great decor!
Hugs, Lisa